Molokai Man

Kau Inoa


I’m learning a lot about the Native Hawaiian movement. Molokai is at the center of Native Hawaiians preserving their traditions and some of them want to see a Hawaiian nation established. This is certainly not the majority, but I see the bumper stickers and t-shirts all over the place. Like many things in Hawaii, Kau Inoa does not receive much attention on the mainland.

There are also some very interesting parallels to the Native American Movement. Much of the recent activity can be traced to the 1970’s when Native Hawaiians, influenced by Native American acts at Wounded Knee and Alcatraz, made claims the Island of Kaho’olwe. Once a bombing site for the military, Native groups from all the islands have been gradually bringing the Island’s ecosystem back.


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Back to the motherland

Most of you know I was born on Maui and so this is my attempt to figure out if Hawaii is in my future, not just my past.

I’ve spent the last few months jumping from couch to couch and coast to coast. I was substitute teaching at my old high school in Massachusetts and promoting my film about great white sharks.

Hopefully I’ll be staying in one place for more than a few weeks.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of my new home.

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Far East end of the island

Far East End of the Island

These kids start early...

These kids start early...

Nenes (Hawaiian Geese) on the road to Halawa

Nenes (Hawaiian Geese) on the road to Halawa

My Ride

My Ride

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