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The End is Nigh

Popular surf spot.

Popular surf spot.


My time on Molokai is coming to an end.  I’ve got less than a month left before I push off and head across the channel to Honolulu.

I will certainly miss the people and the place – but I’m also looking forward to the change of pace that the big city will provide.

In my remaining time, I will be camping at La’au, trying my hand at canoe paddling and trying not to kill myself surfing these winter swells.

I will also be working a on series of films to promote the paper I’ve been working for and the island.

Next week I travel to Honolulu to cover the High School State Basketball Tourney, of which Molokai’s team – The Farmers -will be represented.

And then it’s a few more weeks here and back to Honolulu for good to make a go of it in the film industry there.

Wish me Luck.

Oh, I almost forgot, last chance to get your coconut orders in (see previous post)

Ah Hui Ho!


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Send Me To DC

Here’s the deal – I’m trying to get to DC at the end of this month to cover a supreme court case concerning land that may or may not belong to the State of Hawaii.  The governor and her AG have appealed a Hawaii State supreme court decision that said the State did not have jurisdiction to sell the land because of a federal apology that said the overthrow of the independent Hawaii Nation in 1893 was illegal. It’s pretty tricky stuff, here’s my recent article about it – “Hawaii in Legal Spotlight”.

The problem is my paper can’t afford the plane ticket to get me out there – so I’m looking for outside funding from legal/media types.

This case has been called the most important in the upcoming suprememe court session and it will have implications for all native people in America.

So – who’s got those connections to get me there?  All I need is about $1000.

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