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The End is Nigh

Popular surf spot.

Popular surf spot.


My time on Molokai is coming to an end.  I’ve got less than a month left before I push off and head across the channel to Honolulu.

I will certainly miss the people and the place – but I’m also looking forward to the change of pace that the big city will provide.

In my remaining time, I will be camping at La’au, trying my hand at canoe paddling and trying not to kill myself surfing these winter swells.

I will also be working a on series of films to promote the paper I’ve been working for and the island.

Next week I travel to Honolulu to cover the High School State Basketball Tourney, of which Molokai’s team – The Farmers -will be represented.

And then it’s a few more weeks here and back to Honolulu for good to make a go of it in the film industry there.

Wish me Luck.

Oh, I almost forgot, last chance to get your coconut orders in (see previous post)

Ah Hui Ho!


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Send Me To DC

Here’s the deal – I’m trying to get to DC at the end of this month to cover a supreme court case concerning land that may or may not belong to the State of Hawaii.  The governor and her AG have appealed a Hawaii State supreme court decision that said the State did not have jurisdiction to sell the land because of a federal apology that said the overthrow of the independent Hawaii Nation in 1893 was illegal. It’s pretty tricky stuff, here’s my recent article about it – “Hawaii in Legal Spotlight”.

The problem is my paper can’t afford the plane ticket to get me out there – so I’m looking for outside funding from legal/media types.

This case has been called the most important in the upcoming suprememe court session and it will have implications for all native people in America.

So – who’s got those connections to get me there?  All I need is about $1000.

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White Shark Cafe

Ok – I’ve got a website for my film.  white_shark_cafe-home

Prompted by my inclusion in the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, I put something up.  My boss, Todd is super good at this sort of stuff and we banged it out pretty quickly.

I’m hoping to get some video clips up shortly.  In the meantime, if anyone has the ability to set up screenings or leads on distribution that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m working on inclusion in a few east coast festivals for you cold weather brethren.

A Hui Ho,


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post-a-nut There are a lot of strange things here on Molokai, but this has got to be right up there. Basically, you take a coconut and write on it – message, address and all. And this post office – and only this post office – will send it anywhere in the world. AS IS. No box or bag or anything, just the coconut traveling through the ether.

On a recent Friday afternoon, I happened by said post office as it was about to close. At least a dozen people were standing in line waiting to ‘post -their – nut’. And there was probably another 50 or so coconuts behind the counter that were ready to go. And somehow I was the one getting funny looks for dropping off newspapers.

Yes, I will send you a coconut. But only if you send me food.

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Kau Inoa


I’m learning a lot about the Native Hawaiian movement. Molokai is at the center of Native Hawaiians preserving their traditions and some of them want to see a Hawaiian nation established. This is certainly not the majority, but I see the bumper stickers and t-shirts all over the place. Like many things in Hawaii, Kau Inoa does not receive much attention on the mainland.

There are also some very interesting parallels to the Native American Movement. Much of the recent activity can be traced to the 1970’s when Native Hawaiians, influenced by Native American acts at Wounded Knee and Alcatraz, made claims the Island of Kaho’olwe. Once a bombing site for the military, Native groups from all the islands have been gradually bringing the Island’s ecosystem back.

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Back to the motherland

Most of you know I was born on Maui and so this is my attempt to figure out if Hawaii is in my future, not just my past.

I’ve spent the last few months jumping from couch to couch and coast to coast. I was substitute teaching at my old high school in Massachusetts and promoting my film about great white sharks.

Hopefully I’ll be staying in one place for more than a few weeks.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of my new home.

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Far East end of the island

Far East End of the Island

These kids start early...

These kids start early...

Nenes (Hawaiian Geese) on the road to Halawa

Nenes (Hawaiian Geese) on the road to Halawa

My Ride

My Ride

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